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Invest in property for as little at R10K with Sakhisizwe?
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How it works

What is a Property Stokvel? Is it safe to invest? Benefits of Investing in Property?

Sakhisizwe Property Stokvel

We invest in high yield multi-tenanted properties in South Africa.

Sakhisizwe Property Trust

Buys, manages and collects rental income on behalf of Sakhisizwe Property Stokvel

Co-own properties with existing members and earn passive income

Sakhisizwe has raised millions of rands!

Sakhisizwe Property Stokvel won the 2019 SA Investor of the year award (innovative category).

Sakhisizwe was the 2021 Quarter 2 Top Performing Stokvel on Stokfella – an award-winning digital platform used to manage payments and administration of Stokvels.

The Stokvel has invested over R15 million and invested in over 20 properties.

Why join us?

why sakhisizwe

  • Earn Passive income
  • Stokfella endorsed Stokvel
  • Award winning property investors
  • Award winning Stokvel
  • Secure and Transparent investment platform
  • Established track record of over 2 years in operation
  • Join a network of like-minded individuals
  • Other membership benefits
How it works?

Benefits of Investing in Property


  • Property is a tangible asset. You can see where your money is.
  • Property can be passed on to your children and family as an inheritance.
  • Property appreciates in value (capital gains).
  • Property allows you to earn multiple streams of income.
  • There is no limit to earning potential with property. Unlike a salary.
  • Property allows you to earn a passive income.

Our investment properties


Sakhisizwe is a Property Stokvel has invested in over 20 properties –¬†student accommodation, commercial (offices & retail), and multi-lets in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, and Potchefstroom.


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