How to Join

How to Join?

Do you want to earn up to 10% Return on Investment? 

How to join?

  • Apply and create an account on the Stokfella website.
  • R100 for Stokfella platform charges.
  • Search for Sakhisizwe Property Stokvel.
  • Invest a minimum of R10 000 per property opportunity. The more you invest, the better.
  • Fundraising goal is set for acquiring a property.
  • When a deal arises, members contribute.
  • Property is bought (3-6 months).
  • Property transfer, renovations, tenants move in, rental income (1-3 month).

What is Stokfella?

We are in partnership with Stokfella a registered Financial Service Provider for the Administration of Sakhisizwe Property Stokvel.

StokFella is an online stokvel platform that  makes it easier for stokvel clubs to manage their monthly payments and claims online.