Property stokvels

Property stokvels

While property stokvels are hot topics at the moment, they’re hardly a new idea, and you might be asking why you should take an interest? Many have tried before and not always been successful, so why should you consider this particular type of investment club?

South Africa is a country still plagued by massive inequality and one of the best ways to level the economic playing field is to encourage access to land ownership. But how do we go about creating this economic inclusion, you ask, when property is such a huge expense? This is where collective buying power comes in. We truly can do more, together.

Stokvels are traditionally vehicles of consumption. Members make their contributions but the funds are depleted at the end of each year or eaten away by inflation from lying in the bank. To change this, stokvel clubs need a change of mindset: to shift from a consumption mindset to an abundance or wealth-creation mindset. This is crucial for a successful investment stokvel club such as one involved with property management.

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