General Questions (What is Stockvfella?)

The StokFella platform is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certified. This means any information you provide on the app is secured. None of your card details are stored on your phone or on their servers. All transactions are encrypted using the latest security processes. It is important you do not share your secret PIN code with anyone (including your fellow stokvel members and executives).

All members of a Stokvel group will have access to view the statements of the group. If any money is taken out ALL the members will get real time notifications. The executive will communicate ahead of time if any withdrawals will be made on the Stokvel account.

Contact for Stokvel related questions, for technical issues contact

The joining fee is due within 7 days of joining the group and the first contribution within 30 days thereafter.

Yes you can, but these carry VERY high costs so we prefer you use the EFT option.

The payment should reflect next to your name after 2 to 3 days on the group statement on the app. If it doesn’t, please contact

Yes, please share the info and sign on process with them.

For M5 Property Addicts: Website, Facebook Page:, Facebook Group M5 Capital Investors, or email OR


For Sakhisizwe Stokvel: Please go to the Facebook Page,  or email

M5 Property Addicts will be the Stokvel's investment partner. The Stokvel will partner with M5 Property Addicts who will then source and manage the properties, collect the rent and pay over the rent to Stokvel members.

Yes you can, each member will receive statements that details all member contributions and their returns will be based on the contributions made.

Yes, there is a 12 month lock in period where the contributions will not be accessible to members. After the 12 months, the member can then withdraw their funds and the returns earned. 

The member can then decide to withdraw all their contributions (including any interest and income earned) or re-invest their funds into the Stokvel.

Whilst the contributions are on the Stokfella app, the contributions will earn 4.25% interest per annum, when the funds have been invested in a particular property they will earn at least15% per annum. These will vary per opportunity investment.

We have carefully selected an investment partner through M5 Property Addicts, all agreements made with them are done through legally binding contracts and are secured through a physical property. The nature of the contracts that the stokvel will get into with them are similar to existing contracts they have with their existing investment partners which includes penalties for late payments etc. 

M5 Property Addicts have similar agreements with current investment partners as the ones the Stokvel will get into. They are able to make these payment because they have an experienced team that sources well priced properties, adds value to them and are then able to charge higher rents. 

Our constitution has been carefully drafted with the assistance of our attorney Bruno Simao from He will provide the Stokve with guidance when entering into agreements. The Constitution is available on Stokfella so if you sign up, you digitally accept the terms of the Stokvel. For copies please email

You have some choices in this you can either all become members of our Stokvel as individual members or one of your members can become a member to represent all of you. If you would rather keep your property Stokvel, there are still options for you to invest directly with M5 Property Addicts please send an email to   with your specific needs. 

There is no waiting period, M5 Property Addicts are constantly receiving new property investment opportunities from KZN, Gauteng and the Western Cape, if we have the minimum amount required we can make the investment immediately and we can start earning an income.

For as long as your capital remains invested, when you exit the Stokvel and take your contributions you will stop earning. 

This will be based on the proportional share that each member would have made in the investment. E.g. If your contribution was 10% of the amount invested, you will earn 10% of the income earned. If each member contributed equal amounts then all members will earn equal returns. 

While we are still starting we will not own but as we grow and have more capacity the opportunities are there. To start off we setting up the stokvel to contribute and earn  a return on our money the ownership will be with M5 Property Addicts, our next phase will be to work with like minded people and create separate stokvel of people that understand how property investments works and contribute towards ownership once we also see the seriousness of individuals with contributions

No, there aren’t. So please think carefully before committing these funds.

No, the guidelines have been provided in terms of the deals that we will invest in and these are stipulated in the constitution.

Yes, constitution is on the Stokfella platform but will be emailed on request. No other docs are requested, everything is on Stokfella. Only the Stokvel executives need to have the FICA docs submitted.

The aim is that if the group becomes too big and there is a deal on the table we can then group people by the deal, to create sub groups.

The meetings will be made available online facilities and recordings will be made available.

Stokvel has recently launched, it is mobile but M5 Property Addicts have offices in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban.

Yes, you can join the Once Off investors group. If you are in one of the monthly contributions already, you are always welcome to pay more.

Yes if we have enough funds to get into a deal. The payment will be one month after an investment is made not when you start contributing. While the funds are sitting on stokfella they will earn interest of 4.25% per annum to the benefit of the members.

If there are not enough funds in stokfella for us to get into a property deal with M5 Property Addicts, we will miss the opportunity for our money to be invested in their project and hence lose the opportunity of making the 15% interest per annum. However the money will still be accumulating at the interest of 4,25% per annum in stokfella platform.

Yes, you can request an appointment on the Sakhisizwe Facebook page, by booking and appointment on calendly using this link and select option 4, or you can attend an info session, the dates will be updated on our Facebook Page and website. We will be having sessions in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town. Please like the Sakhisizwe Facebook page so you can find more info about these sessions.


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