Frequently asked questions

A Property Stokvel is an investment club where members contribute money to buy a property, rent out, maintain and manage it with each member benefitting from the rental income.

Sakhisizwe Property Stokvel is a leading and award-winning property stokvel with a proven track record of delivering returns to their members. When you join Sakhisizwe Property Stokvel, you join a network of like-minded property investors who are passionate about investing in property. You also get to earn passive income from various properties.

A Stokvel can not own property, therefore the Sakhisizwe Trust is the vehicle which is used for members to own properties collectively on behalf of the Sakhiszwe members.

A trust is a legal entity which is created to hold assets for the benefit of certain persons or entities. The Trust Property Control Act No. 57 of 1988 forms the framework in which trusts operate.  Trustees are appointed to oversee the management of the trust on behalf of the beneficiaries (the stokvel members).

Property has been proven over many centuries to be the cornerstone of wealth creation as the property increases in value over time and is also able to provide cashflow in the short term. Through investing in property, Sakhisizwe is able to alleviate the housing crises by providing quality

The minimum investment is R10,100 but members are encouraged to contribute more than this. Learn more about How to join Sakhisizwe Property Stokvel.

When there are profits to be distributed, the trustees of the Sakhisizwe Trust will make a resolution (decision) to distribute the profits. These will then be distributed to the members via the Stokfella app according to their share of the investment.

The members collectively own the properties through the Sakhisizwe Property Trust. The trust owns the properties, collects rent and distributes profits to members of the Stokvel.

Stokfella is  an authorised financial services provider that has a platform that is used by thousands of Stokvels to manage the administration of their Stokvels.  

We use to collect contributions and distribute returns to members. It is a secure platform which enables members to transact with confidence on the platform and to have access to the financials of the group in the palm of their hands 24/7/365. Stokfella is a registered Financial Services Provider. Sakhisizwe Property Stokvel is one of the few stokvels that are endorsed by Stokfella.

For more information about Sakhisizwe Property Stokvel, Contact Us: info@sakhisizwepropertystokvel.co.za